A Brief History of the Obispo Beautiful Association

Between 1964 and 1967 a citizens committee comprised of former and future mayors Clell Whelchell, Kenneth Schwartz and Ron Dunin met to determine what could be done by a group of residents to improve the appearance of the community.

The Obispo Beautiful Association was born from these meetings. It was determined that Obispo Beautiful Association (OBA) would be independent and not associated with City government. Bylaws were adopted and the organization began in 1967. It is open to all who have an interest in protecting and enhancing the beauty of the area.

The OBA Awards Committee is comprised of local residents, including architects, designer-builders, landscape designers, artists and planners. The Committee nominates over 80 properties yearly and among these an average of 34 awards are given each year.

Past and current OBA presidents:

1968–1970 Kenneth Schwartz
1970–1971 George Harper
1971–1972 George Clucas
1972–1973 E. Wesley Conner
1973–1974 Ron Dunin
1974–1982 Martha Schwartz
1982–1984 Robert Strong
1984–1988 Charles Crotser
1988–1990 Walter Tryon
1990–1992 Dan Hall
1992–1995 Michael Oliveira
1995–1997 Allan Cooper
1997–2001 Bob Kitamura
2001–present Allan Cooper