Nomination Process

Awards are individually presented at the Annual June dinner and represent the culmination of a selection process which begins months earlier. Shortly after the first of the year, nominations are requested from OBA members and the Community. The nomination process is publicized in local newspapers, solicited from active members, and by word of mouth. Projects that enhance the beauty of San Luis Obispo are sought in various categories, please see description of award categories.

Nominations may also be sent at any time to the Obispo Beautiful Association, P.O. Box 137, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406. Or you may contact OBA committee at our emailing address

To submit nominations send your nominations per the Award Categories(PDF) to our email orphysical mailing address.

The Awards Committee members are comprised of persons with diverse backgrounds: architects, landscape designers, graphic designers and others who are simply interested in the quality of our built environment in the City of San Luis Obispo. These members divide into teams and search the entire SLO area for additional nominations. Once the nomination process is complete, a final list is compiled and, on a single day, the committee visits all of the nominated sites. During this tour, properties are rated and a preliminary list of winners is developed. Within a week of the tour, the committee meets to discuss the preliminary list and decides the final award recipients. The OBA members visit all selected properties and hand deliver invitations to the award ceremony.

The Award Categories are as follows:

Award of Merit
This is the most prestigious category. This award is reserved for those projects that represent extraordinary design effort, or some underlying, positive effect on the surrounding neighborhood or community, beyond the project itself.

Martha Schwartz Award
Established in 2009 by the members of the Obispo Beautiful Association, the Martha Schwartz Award is meant to recognize one property nominated and recognized for extra ordinary efforts maintaining their properties.  The award is in honor of Martha Schwartz a devoted and founding member of the Obispo Beautiful Association.

Charles A. Mainini Memorial Award
The annual Charles A. Mainini Memorial Award was established by the Mainini family in 1995 to recognize the extraordinary efforts of selected San Luis Obispo property owners.
The award is presented each year to the owners of a property that has been consistently maintained in a manner that best exemplifies the character of San Luis Obispo. Pride of ownership, high quality maintenance of structures and landscaping and appropriate design are all carefully considered.

Award of Commendation
The award granted to projects in the categories that stand out as being a “cut above” the rest.

Letter of Recognition
The most predominant award presented, and is normally given to projects that represent outstanding examples of design and maintenance. The focus is on remodel work and renovation, landscape design, signage and other design efforts within our community.

March 29th, 2012