1989 Awards

Award of Commendation

New Construction/Commercial
Hind Performance
Greg Hind, Owner
3765 So. Higuera Street
Architect: Studio Design Group, Warren Hamrick

Letter of Recognition

Meritorious Upkeep/ Single-family Residential
1316 Peach Street
Marilyn Fae Grizzell, Owner
Designer: Dennis C. Combrink

Letter of Recognition

Meritorious Upkeep/ Single-family Residential
1766 Corralitos Avenue
Mrs. Anne Morris, Owner

Letter of Recognition

Meritorious Upkeep/ Single-family Residential
585 Cerro Romauldo
Joanne & David Henry, Owner

225 Ramona
William & Patricia Roberts, Owner

Meritorious Upkeep/Single-family Residential

210 Patricia Court
Joe & Gloria Leonard, Owner

216 Albert Drive
Wes & Dorothy Conner, Owner

Meritorious Upkeep/Commercial
Jeff Cole, Owner
Stanley Motors
1330 Monterey Street
Architect: Charles Crotser

Dr. Laura Brown, Owner
JBL Scientific
277 Granada

Dr. Carl Kundert, Owner
4035 Higuera Street

Landscape Remodel/Residential Single-family
Ann Fitzgerald, Owner
138 San Jose Court
Designer: Landscape Visions, Caroline Bjerre-Leach

Landscape Design/Residential Single-family
Bill McLane, Owner
974 Vista Collados

Landscape Design/Residential Development � Special Feature
Country Club Estates Entry
Rob Rossi, RKE, Owner
Landscape Architect: SEDES, David Foote

Landscape Design/Institutional-Governmental
Mission Plaza Walkway & Patio
City of San Luis Obispo, Owner
Landscape Architect: SEDES, Dale Sutliff

Fire Resistant Demonstration Garden
California Department of Forestry, Owner
Highway 1

Water Conservation Landscape/Residential Single-family
Elizabeth and Karlheinz Geisen, Owner
910 Vista Collados

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Fierstine, Owner
640 Park Avenue
Designer: Michael Berry

Mitch West, Owner
670 Hill Street
Landscape Architect: SEDES, Jerry Emery

Remodel/ Single-family Residential

Mike & Kathy Spangler, Owner
1779 San Luis Drive
Architect: Jerry Spivy

Dave & Karolyn Chandler, Owner
166 Los Cerros
Architect: Richard Breska
Developer: Jules Rogoff

Remodel/Professional Office

Andre Morris & Buttery, Owner
1304 Pacific Street
Designer/Architect: Marilyn Farmer & John Edmisten


Teass House
Vintage Properties
Robert Lombardi, Owner
890 Osos Street


County of San Luis Obispo Parks Dept., Owner
Cuesta Canyon County Park
Landscape Architect: Landplans, Marshall Ochylski

City of San Luis Obispo, Owner
Jack House Gardens
Landscape Architect: SEDES, Jerry Emery

New Construction / Single-family Residential

John & Kathy Crivello, Owner
5975 Tamarisk

New Construction / Multi-family Residential

Charles Storni, Owner
562 Pacific Street

Rick & Jan Long, Owner
369 � 371 Sandercock Street

New Construction / Commercial-Retail

Felton Ferrini, Owner
795 � 799 Foothill Blvd.
Architect: Studio Design Group, Tim Ronda

New Construction / Institutional-Governmental

City of San Luis Obispo & County of San Luis Obispo, Owners
Dale Perkins, Director
City / County Library
Architect: Bruce D. Fraser


Fred & Ruth Alm, Owner
Parallel Lines
782 Higuera Street
Designer: Studio Works, Leeana W. Allen

Jeannie MacDougall, Owner & Designer
Interior Resource Planning
1350 Marsh Street

Cal Poly State University, Owner
Entry Signage at Cal Poly
Grand Ave, California Blvd. & Highland Drive

Public Art

City of San Luis Obispo, Owner
Mission Plaza Fountain Sculpture
Sculptor: Paula Zima
Mary Jane Duval Trust Fund (Kenneth Schwartz)
Mrs. Stanley Von Stein
Myron Graham

January 20th, 2013